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UNIQUE CAM is easy to use. The sophisticated worflow allows quick initial training. A variety of automatic and assistance functions increase the effiency..

Only a few clicks are necessary from importing the milling items to calculating the milling-paths. Depending on the CAD-software and material/indication the stock-selection, connector-setting and placement in stock are done automatically.
With the import of extended CAD-construction files time-consuming preparation of the imported data in the CAM is not necessary. Also most accurate milling-paths will be calculated using the additional CAD-informations, leading to a perfect milling result and a very safe CAM-process.


Extended CAD-construction files from common dental CAD-suites can be imported directly. Furthermore UNIQUE CAM can be integrated into the Scanner/CAD-workflow: once configured, load the restorations with a single mouse into the CAM-softweare. No more hassle with searching the right directories and files to import..



UNIQUE CAM offers innovative new functions like the multilayer-visualization and the anatomic-enabled pin-trimming. This CAM has been developed by dental technicians for dental technicians.

Modern polychromatic stocks are supported in UNIQUE CAM with the new multilayer-rendering. See while nesting how the different colored layers will affect the esthetics of the restoration and optimize the placement in the stock according to this rendering: the optimal esthetics is guaranteed.
Ready for the future: define your own stock including multilayer-definitions. New stock/materials can be added without any problem.


Finest details, like the fissures, are finished with very
small bur-diameters (0.2-0.4mm), either
dry-milled or wet-grinded. The CAM recognizes the
working-area automatically,
a manual preparation is not necessary.


Trimming connectors

With the new anatomic connector-trimming feature the connectors will be trimmed along the (tooth-)surface, thus reducing rewokring-time extremely.


UNIQUE CAM can be integrated into the workflow of common dental CAD-applications. Define your own milling-tools and adapt milling-strategies to your needs.

You can define and use your own milling-tools in UNIQUE CAM.
Adapt existing milling-strategies to support new materials.



Using UNIQUE CAM is safe and efficient: assistance and automatic functions guide the user through the nesting-process. A lot of effort has been invested to optimize CAM and milling-strategies for the supported milling-machines.

Benefit from our experiences: according to the milling-path distances, the software asks you to replace a bur when a certain maximum milling-path distance has been reached.


The basic configuration of UNIQUE CAM comes with strategies* to mill copings, crowns, frameworks, bridges, hybrid-implant-constructions, inlay/onlays, veneers and hybrid-abutments in common materials like zirconia, wax, pmma/composite and (if it applies to the supported machine) strategies to wet-grind ceramic-blocks. Optional packages support indications like models, bitesplints, eggshell-provisonaries, removables, premilled abutments, prefab-crowns. Also other materials like peek, fiberglas etc. are supported. * The base configuration of UNIQUE CAM may differ (dep. to dealer/distributor/machine)


Individual CAM packages

UNIQUE cadcam configures individual CAM-packages for resellers, system-integrators or machine-manufacturers. Not only the post-processor or machine-parameters are adapted, but also – depending on the customer's needs – tool-definitions, strategies (materials and indications) and predefined stock-templates. In addition specific functions may be hidden or deactivated, depending on the target audience, or optional packages may be integrated directly. The individual package is provided as a Windows®-installer, simple and comfortable.


The user-interface of the CAM-software may be customized
for OEM-customers.
New functions can be developed and added, based on custom-specifications, creating a whole new CAM-solution.


CAM as a software-component, individual developments

The UNIQUE CAM-solution can be integrated into other solutions and software-packages. Either as a standalone-module or fully integrated (with it's own user-interface or as background-process, hidden from the user).

A combination/integration with other UNIQUE cadcam-solutions is possible and desirable. Talk to us about your ideas!

Софтуер Unique CAD-CAM

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