Available sizes

  ø 3.5 ø 3.75 ø 4.2 ø 5.0 ø 6.0
8mm + + + + +
10mm + + + + +
11,5mm + + + + +
13mm + + + + +
16mm + + + + +

Drilling procedure – P1D

Marker drill – to be used to make only a mark

Throughout entire implant’s length

Drill only through the cortical bone, should not be used to full depth.
If the cortical bone is hard (D1), you may use this drill as a countersink.

An additional 0,8 – 1,0 mm must be added to the length of the drill to account for the angled cutting up.
Procedure recommended by SGS cannot replace the judgment and the experience of the surgeon!

Denser pitch, slightly aggressive implant, designed specially for hard bone with platform shift and conical connection.

  • Conical connection
  • Excellent primary stability
  • Platform shifting
  • Immediate loading
  • Premium surface


Conical connection

Conical connections offers superior support for the
prosthetics while also offering the advantages of shift platform.


Middle threads

Denser pitch allows for an implant to be
inserted into a hard bone with minimal resistance and pressure.


The Bone Collector enables preservation of bone that
has been cut during the self-tapping of the implant during the surgery.

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P1D Dental Implant

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