Size (H x W x D)990 x 416 x 602 mm3
Weight78 kg
Power Supply100-240 V / 50 to 60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption2 kW
Tmax1.600 °C
Programming languagesClassic
Program resumption after power failure
Housing: Anodized aluminum
SiC heating element: DEKEMA specific, high purity heating elements made of SiC (silicon carbide), firing at high temperatures, no discoloration
Multi-compound fiber insulation: Multilayer insulation for sintering at high temperatures
Multi-compound fiber insulation table: For sintering at high temperatures
Package of μSiC sintering accessories: Three (3) bases and three (3) rings including gripper for reliably loading and unloading
Micro-Pearls: non-deforming sintering of dental restorationsoptional
Sintering plate for Micro-Pearlsoptional
QR Readeroptional
USB interface: Transfer firing programs (dds)/ transfer image files (jpeg)/save quality management files (dfl )2x(●/ ●/ ●)


DB (Internet data base): Ethernet interface for connecting to the DEKEMA Internet data base
JAVA: For online control and monitoring of all relevant furnace functions via JAVA compatible
VNC (Virtual Network Client): For online control and monitoring of all relevant furnace functions
via VNC for PC or mobile device
FTP server: Connection for transferring fi les via the internal FTP server
FTP client: Connection for transferring fi les via an external FTP server
QM quality management: Record of process fi les in ASCII format
X-DREAM; Computer program for querying the furnace state and emailing QM dataoptional
OPC: Software server to incorporate quality management into ERP systemsoptional


The sintering fl agship, especially designed for sintering huge amounts of milled dental restorations. Three SiC heating elements ensure an even
temperature distribution inside the sintering chamber. Process safety and traceability is already integrated through quality management modules and internet connectivity for remote access.


Large milling centers all over the world cherish the efficiency of the AUSTROMAT µSiC; efficiency in throughput, efficiency in energy consumption, efficiency through reliability.

Several levels of diameters up to 100 mm can be placed on top the multilayered ­insulation table, up to a height of 150 mm; thus, sintering of more than 120 units is possible at a time. ­Discoloration can be neglected through the use of clean SiC heating technology. Energy saving heating and cooling processes extremely reduce sintering times. Depending on the material, typically around 70 % shorter cycles can be realized as with conventional heating techniques in standard high temperature ovens. This is future-oriented, eco-sensitive ­state-of-the-art technology for the process safety of tomorrow’s digital dental laboratory.

Editing and programming functions allow generation of incredible sintering cycles. The ­network compatible AUSTROMAT µSiC can remotely be operated. Use your mobile device or let us diagnose the unit remotely. Use a QR reader to optionally one button program or safely start a cycle. Even during program run you remotely may adapt data. Comprehensive backup and recovery functions and power failure features round up this furnace.


  • Код на продукт: AUSTROMAT μSiC