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The best of RiX-70 AC

Solid and ergonomic design

RiX-70 AC was designed for long durability and reliable service life. It’s mainly composed by three groups: the monoblock, the timer and the whole arm. The unit is characterized as very compact, made of high-grade materials, highly durable and excellent finish.

Easy interface with the operator

RiX-70 AC has an very simple to use control panel with dedicated function keys; each button is engraved with the appropriated symbol and assigned to a specific function.

0.7 mm Focal spot

With 0.7 mm focal spot, RiX-70 AC produces images of excellent quality even in the most difficult-to-reach oral cavity areas.

Automatic exposure time configuration

Once the exposure parameters have been selected, the exposure time will be automatically adjusted in a range between 0.06 and 2.0 seconds.

Easy to install and maintain

RiX-70 AC is a quite easy to install unit, with few replaceable parts, helps to lower operating costs by enhancing reliability and making service easier.

Wall mounted and Mobile stand versions

RiX-70 AC come in both wall mounted and mobile stand versions to conform to a variety of offices layouts, providing optimal and flexible installation alternatives. The wall mounted version does not require a large space, the unit total spread with a 80 cm support arm fully extended is 2.10 m.

Two different extension arms

Choose between 60 and 80 cm arm’s length and get the possibility of multiple applications.

Simple and friendly-user control panel to easily find and select the functions

All information is shown on the control panel in a very convenient way.

  • The patient morphology: adult or child.
  • Tooth type: to select the dental pieces to be exposed.
  • Image receptor: allows choosing from traditional film,  intraoral sensor or phosphor plates.

Modern and clean design to offer you:

  • Compact and lightweight tube head.
  • Hand switch provided with 3 mt coiled cord.
  • Sturdy and stable support arm makes the unit particularly solid, regarding the fixing system and the scissor arm movement.

Compatibility with any image receptor available in the market.

RiX-70 AC  intraoral X-ray unit was designed to give you the best results using the modern Trident digital images receptors: I-View, Intraoral Sensor and Reader, phosphor plate scanner.

Кугел AC

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