• Панорамен рентген с CEPH


In addition to the features of the basic entry-level X-VIEW, this model is equipped with an arm for cephalometry and the CR 2430 sensor, a flat panel phosphor plate with image reader incorporated that makes it possible to obtain 24 x 30 cm high-definition cephalometric images in less than 2 seconds, using the exclusive single-shot technology.

Single shot

While other machines use a scanning system with an exposure time of 15 seconds, X-View PANORAMICO 2D-CEPH, thanks to the exclusive Single Shot system, is able to significantly reduce exposure time without negatively affecting the quality of the image (taking a single shot in less than 2s). The single shot system prevents the complications deriving from movement for obtaining images by scanning.

Sensore CEPH

X-View PANORAMICO 2D-CEPH is equipped with a second sensor exclusively for cephalometry, thus avoiding possible accidents caused by the sensor falling when moving from one type of examination to another. The system adapts completely automatically to the function selected.

Панорамен рентген с CEPH

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