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Austromat  D4 press



Пещ за керамика DEKEMA D4 press:

The AUSTROMAT D4 press cleverly uses the atmospheric air pressure - the atmosphere's natural force - rather than compressed air to press items reliably. This patented process even allows the pressing force to be controlled in 5 stages to enable muffles with a diameter of up to 70 mm and a height of 90 mm to be pressed reliably. The combination furnace has 200 firing programs available for individual programming. The integrated program manager allows clear and comfortable administration of the firing programs. The entire firing process with the firing number, program name and probable remaining time is displayed graphically or in a table on the color screen. The automated self-check by the 32-bit electronics of the AUSTROMAT D series ensures perfect firing monitoring and maximum reliability. The heating, holding or cooling phases preset in standard mode are freely programmable in professional mode.

Pressing: Items may be pressed with varying force ranging from 180 - 280 N. In this case the force is transmitted to the press muffle slowly and evenly from above via one plunger.

Changing the running program: The firing parameters can be changed with the press of a key while the current program is running and saved if desired.

Automatic self-test: Internal test routines seamlessly monitor the temperature and vacuum while the program is running.

Check program: An automatic diagnosis routine is integrated for all system components to determine the service intervals.

Setup functions: Setup functions enable user-defined adaptation of a wide variety of options such as display contrast, record printout, saving data on the computer, general code, temperature calibration, acoustic signal, date and time, ID, Data transfer, update fix programs, language, screen saver, °C/°F changeover, check programme, battery change, diagnosis data, printing programs, seal test, service functions for maintenance, longterm readiness Software update via memory modules: Plug-in modules save the firing programs and simplify updating the device software.

Software update via memory modules: Plug-in modules save the firing programs and simplify updating the device software.

Scope of delivery: AUSTROMAT D4press ceramic furnace, vacuum pump, firing table, press table, tweezers, soft module, operating instructions, RS232 computer interface, individualized paint job and memo module upon request.

Technical data: 220-240 V, 110-120 V or 95-105 V, 50-60 Hz, max. 1450 W (incl. pump), 623 mm x 380 mm x 340 mm (HxWxD), 17.5 kg (without pump).


  • Код на продукт: Austromat-D4-press

Етикети: дентална, пещ, керамика