Pre-sintering staining: Farben, Effekten, Markers (Chroma Dentare) – FDA pending

The Farben coloring liquid is your perfect solution for staining pre-sintered milled crowns and multi-unit bridges. It’s water based and comes in all 16 VITA shades.


“We’ve tried a lot of coloring liquid types earlier, but E4K is the best we’ve ever had, just as it should be.” – our client from München, Germany


  • Perfectly matches all 16 VITA shades
  • Optimized for translucent materials (Kerox HT)
  • Water based with trace amounts of acid and alcohol free so it doesn’t evaporate
  • Absorbs deep and doesn’t leave spots on the surface
  • Ooptimal dip time is 30 seconds (HA), 1 minute (HT)
  • Red, brown, grey and green colors are more vivid than other competitors
  • Can be used in any sintering furnace
  • Dry before sintering


  • Use before sintering
  • Obtainable colors:
    • Light Pink, Dark Pink
    • Cervical & Fissures: Brown
    • Translucency: Blue, Grey
    • IMA: Intelligent Multilayer Advancer


  • Multi-brushing and multilayering
  • Obtainable colors:
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Brown

Colouring Liquids

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