GLANZ (Stain & Glaze) Post-sinter individualisation – FDA, CE pending


  • Glanz-Set (17 colours):
    • NATUR®
    • KOLORS®
      • 4 Body colours: A, B, C and D
      • 12 other colours: Snow, Lemon, Rouge, Blue, Orange, Black, Brown, Tobacco, Grey, Olive, Grass, Violet
  • Glanz characteristics:
    • Glanz NATUR®: covering the entire body and cervical, glazing
    • Glanz KOLORS® hints:
      • “Snow”: for cusp tips and calcification lines; small amount, thin layers.
      • Blue: for translucency in the enamel / incisal / occlusal area.
      • Brown: for fissurs
      • Body colors: to characterize the dentin area.
      • Orange, Lemon: to characterize the cervical area – from inside or outside.

Always apply Glanz NATUR & Glanz KOLORS per individual characteristics.


  • Код на продукт: Glanz