• Zirconia High Translucent Multilayer

High Translucent Multilayer (HTML)

  • Applications: full contour crowns and long span bridges
  • High strength and high translucent
  • Perfect shrinkage

High Translucent Multilayer (HTML) zirconia can be used for full contour, frameworks and for long span bridges. It offers 6 layers of natural gradient colors from cervical to incisal, and high translucency for life-like esthetics, and high strength for unparalelled mechanical properties.

Technical data
Typical properties of sintered body
 Radioactivity  0.010 Bq/μg
 Flexural Strength  >1000 MPa
 Fracture Toughness  5 MPa m1/2
 Chemical Solubility  8 ug/cm2
 Bulk Density  6.07 g/cm3
 ZrO2+HfO2+Y2O3  99.8 %
 Hardness  [HV] 1250

Type ll Class 5 (ISO 6872 Compliant)

Indications Sizes
 ’98-er (Open, Wieland compatible)  14, 20 mm
 ’71-er (Amann Girrbach compatible)  14, 20 mm

Milling Systems
 98mm (Wieland Compatible)
 71mm (Amann Girrbach Compatible)

Colors Shades Available  A2     A3     B1     C2     D2  Other shades on demand

Zirconia High Translucent Multilayer

  • Код на продукт: Zirconia High Translucent Multilayer