• Intraoral sensor

Using an intraoral scanner means a lot of advantages for the patient and the dentist.

Be more efficient: no impression has to be taken and no gypsum model has to be created: save time and material.

Be more patient-orientated: decrease the time between preparation of the teeth and insertion of the final crowns - with a chairside-system this can be done in a single appointment. Save your patient the unpleasant procedure of taking an impression.

Be more accurate: an intraoral scanner helps to eliminate potential errors when taking an impression manually. Check the preparation while scanning and correct it, if neccessary. Reduce refinishing when the prosthesis is inserted.

Easy to operate, accurate results

The UNIQUE Intraoral Scanner is easy to operate and the scanning-process is quick: scan the prepared teeth, the opposite/antagonist and finally the vestibular area of both jaws. The main-functions during scanning can be controlled with the 3 buttons on the scanner.
Sophisticated algorithms are used to convert the scanned point-cloud to an accurate, high-quality 3D-mesh with clear margins. This mesh is the base for a good fitting prosthesis which requires no or minimum refinishing when inserting it.
The impression-scans are exported in STL-format and can be send either directly to a milling-centre or further processed in-house to design and produce the final restoration.

Open means open

Don't limit yourself by using a closed system: use the advantages of an open system and choose the optimal provision for your patient.

The UNIQUE Intraoral Scanner exports scans in STL-format, which means they can be used by any 3rd-party software capable reading STLs. So you are free to send them to a production-service of your choice or use the scans to design and mill the restorations in-house.

You only pay once

The UNIQUE Intraoral Scanner is not bound to a service- or leasing-plan. No additional fees are charged for the later usage: neither fees for scanning, nor runtime-fees for scanner or software.

Intraoral Scanner for the Lab? For the Lab too!

For the dental technician and the lab an intraoral scanner in the practice means new possibilities and can be a big advantage: new forms of cooperation with the dentist appear.
Position yourself as a CAD/CAM-partner for the practice: manufacture prostheses and offer the advantages of CAD/CAM. In combination with an intraoral scanner at an unbeatable production-time.
Expand your business und offer your partner a solution without alternatives.

  • open system: exports in STL-format
  • no additional runtime-fees, no click-fees
  • works powderfree
  • weight: 700 grams
  • scanning-speed: up to 20fps (depends on PC)
  • scanning technique: confocal Laser-scanning, using moire-method
  • PC-interface: USB 2.0
  • indications: Single crowns, Inlays/Onlays, Veneers, Bridges up to 4 Elements

Intraoral sensor

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